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As the only city in mainland China, the high cost of dating in Shanghai is no longer a new topic for Chinese netizens. According to a survey done by, some netizens in Shanghai have posted a “love bill”. The annual expenditure of about 25,000 yuan exceeds the level disclosed by respondents in other big cities such as Beijing and Shenzhen.

Fortunately, not in big cities around the world, the cost of love is high. The Deutsche Bank report states that the cost of love in several major cities in Southeast Asia and South Asia is the lowest in the world. Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and India's two major cities, New Delhi and Bangalore, are at the bottom of the list of dating costs. According to calculations by Deutsche Bank, even considering the huge difference in income levels, young people in Zurich still have to save a lot of money if they migrate to Southeast Asia to fall in love.

Gospel of "single dog" in big cities: high income is the future capital

High dating costs can make young people in big cities feel shy. Think about the beginning of your career. The enjoyment of "tallness" in all cities has nothing to do with you, and it may not be the taste in your heart. But there is good news in the report.

The two rankings of quality of life and after-tax income are listed as the two most important indicators, and there is indeed a strong correlation between these two indicators.

Zurich, which has the highest dating and living costs, also ranks first on the income list, and weighed down Zurich ranks fifth in terms of quality of life. Followed by Copenhagen is also known for its high prices. In contrast, the four cities of Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and Jakarta, despite the low cost of living and dating, still rank among the top four in the quality of life rankings.

It is worth noting that due to the sharp depreciation of the British pound after the Brexit referendum in June 2016, London's after-tax wage income has shrunk significantly in dollar terms. This change caused London to fall directly from the top ten to the 33rd place in the quality of life rankings.

According to the China Statistical Yearbook of the National Bureau of Statistics, the per capita disposable income of Shanghai's cities and towns was 5,2961.9 yuan in 2015, ranking first in the country, and Beijing followed with 5,2859.2 yuan. The young people of "Magic Capital" can only hope to earn high income through hard work, so as to "turn over" in the future.

Taiyuan invoicing, the team was established in March 2018 No .: TLHXLDVNLTJZZ, is a multi-year invoicing team. After the team's long-term experience, we are quite familiar with the related operations of invoicing.
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Shenyang invoice

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