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This user was confirmed to be breaking the Terms of Service, and was deleted.

aismallardaismallard 04 Apr 2021 20:50

User (account deleted) created this snippet:, which is clearly not a useful code snippet, but is an advertisement for "". They also commented on this page:

are you looking for the Best brand Multimeter 2021? For buying the latest top cheap multimeter for electricians with accuracy in work, easy to use, best overall, excellent in quality, durable, long-lasting, and best budget reviews for pro and newbies then you are in the right place

If you click the user profile, you see a link to it in the bio. They have also created which is an apparently-empty site, but from the title indicates an interest in further multimeter spam.

In addition to removing the spambot, I also recommend adding "" to the spam links list.

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