Extreme Bullying report

This site was confirmed to be breaking the Terms of Service, and was deleted.

Moleman9000Moleman9000 06 Nov 2014 19:58

http://avan-verse.wikidot.com is an attack site solely dedicated to targeting me, Gabriel Navarro / Moleman9000 / ResonX as well as stealing from my own original work, and created by a vicious, irredeemable cyberbully monster, Willow Giovanna, that has been relentlessly harassing me for more than two years now in active collaboration with other inhuman filth. It is a copy of a site of identical putrid content that was rightfully removed from the Wikispaces network and was itself created due to yet another site of the same content and makers being rightfully removed from the Wikia network.
Read: This is the THIRD incarnation of the same attack site.

The site consists, again, entirely of aggressive personal attacks against me. These attacks are primarily rooted in a hatred of people with autism held by the cyberbullies responsible.

Examples of obvious bullying and other offensive content:

http://avan-verse.wikidot.com/about (Falsely claims outright that their "franchise" was created before mine, the Nava–Verse (http://navaverse.wikia.com/wiki/Nava–Verse_Wiki), and that I unlawfully "parodied" it, when the exact opposite is true.)

http://avan-verse.wikidot.com/wiki:reson-x (extremely obvious personal attack using a maliciously–designed physical caricature)

http://avan-verse.wikidot.com/wiki:operation-mexican-tears (An outright threat to violently LOBOTOMIZE me)


http://avan-verse.wikidot.com/wiki:moleman9000-archive (Unlawful posting of a private phone call)


Examples of stolen content:

http://avan-verse.wikidot.com/wiki:skellen vs. http://navaverse.wikia.com/wiki/Skellen

http://avan-verse.wikidot.com/wiki:uctoplorge vs. http://navaverse.wikia.com/wiki/Uctoplorge

http://avan-verse.wikidot.com/wiki:gorlune vs. http://navaverse.wikia.com/wiki/Gorlune

http://avan-verse.wikidot.com/wiki:dreddnutty vs. http://navaverse.wikia.com/wiki/Dreddnutty

http://avan-verse.wikidot.com/wiki:bath-salths vs. http://navaverse.wikia.com/wiki/Meth_Stoph

http://avan-verse.wikidot.com/wiki:cosmo-rath vs. http://navaverse.wikia.com/wiki/Cosmo'rath

Please remove this abhorrent abomination from the internet and ban every member associated with the site, as well as reporting them to any other authorities possible.

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