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This site was confirmed to be breaking the Terms of Service, and was deleted.

Naomi WiflathNaomi Wiflath 18 Jun 2017 01:14 A site following the similar rule of spammers using a url that is their username (in this case bacelona ). All the content on their wiki is advertising an online gambling website. Difficult to follow due to having to use google translate, but the links appear to be hidden behind misleading text. It would be nice if a native speaker could verify the content.

Looking at the logs of pages, they spend some time writing these articles, and even make edits to the formatting. But the formula seems to be the same, hide the casino link behind some text in the paragraph, sometimes more then once, and then add a link related to the casino from a different source. It is my understanding that these wikis are against the TOS. But again, there is somewhat of a language barrier. The site they are advertising has some known bots that spam on other websites.

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