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This user was confirmed to be breaking the Terms of Service, and was deleted.

Naomi WiflathNaomi Wiflath 25 Jun 2017 05:00
This is another old one with multiple nonsense spam posts with nonsensical links. The links vary wildly from weebly to spam tumblr accounts. It seems like there is a large and wild web strung between all these sites and wikidot…. If you are unsure, you can put it in the 'watching' category, but this wiki and its user hits all the same marks as our other spam blogs:

-randomly generated name often with a number
-Making a wiki shortly after joining (within 14 minutes)(this is not always the case as we have found)
-Using the blog template
-Nonsense blog title and tagline
-Nonsense blog posts, with garbled grammar, strange links, and poor formatting.
-Some sort of theme that may or may not be related to the site title, but loosely kept if there are multiple blog posts.
-No other edits except to add/change blog posts

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