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Naomi WiflathNaomi Wiflath 25 Jun 2017 05:08 Another like my previous post that has been here for a while. This blog post in particular seems to have had translation issues. Google translate puts the title as "gerhanaqq recommendation site, musimqq, and negaraqq" Appears to be another indian gambling spam blog. Alot of the text is particularly nonsense and strange. Some noteables are:

"That Christmas we did have no funds buy gifts for that three children (we had added an additional by then). The in truth the "best" wedding destination is laptop computer for you may.

There are millions of sports gamblers in entire world and everybody has their own way to complete things. Apparently, all just a few must do things improper way since the majority of say about 98% involving sports bettors end up losing."


"You should find yourself legally and emotionally bound to a person with a wicked [link removed by me, see in blog post] habit or who thinks children respond best to pain. These don't turn up easily when we're sipping coffee and eating molten chocolate quiche.

In poker playing strategy, the relationship between it can be of winning and pot odds is the most important model. Here pot odds refer to your ratio in the size with the pot to the size of your bet which is required for staying who are holding cards."

I would suggest removing this user and wiki.

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