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This user was confirmed to be breaking the Terms of Service, and was deleted.

Dr_GromDr_Grom 06 Nov 2019 19:01

This user has posted multiple new pages within short time, full of Chinese, and with links to each other as well as existing pages, which they edited to replace them with something in Chinese too. The pages have been deleted and the edited pages have been reverted. You can see examples here: (see their edit in the history)

The content translates to what appears as advertizing about an invoice company. Or maybe search keywords, as the text appears to rather be a list than an actual text.

It is likely that this account is related to bojue111, which does similar things.

Both have attacked multiple wikis, and it is likely that more of them will follow. I request, with the utmost urgency, to have this accounts taken care of, and to have measures taken, against new accounts of this sort.

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